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Inside East Ukraine War Zone (surrounded by bombing)

That shop, —— yesterday.
We will be within pretty close range of russian artillery,
and if they want, they can —— us with a moments notice, really.
So, this is actually an adidas shop, so there’s still shoes in here.
– Hello, how are you? – I’m fine.
– Is this where you sleep? – Yes, this is where I sleep.
– Your bed? – Yes, this is my bedroom.
Vladimir putin has launched a major —— operation again.
Today this building was ——.
Sounds you can hear behind us is russian artillery hitting the city.
Just wanted to destroy this civilization.
– This is my house. – This is your house?
So, what you’re saying is this —— is more scary than world —— ii?
Every man will fight.
Bits of ——. —— Smell.
– This is russian world. – Destruction everywhere.
When they go outside, they feel like they’re playing lottery with their life.
You and her heart are near.
Unexploded —— here,
destroyed buildings everywhere, the air raid sirens going off in the background.
This one’s completely burnt out.
It’s probably one of the —— cities in the world at the moment.
Let’s see how this goes.
It’s really quite hard for me to convey how many —— holes are here.
Now we’ve been told to stay right here because they expect that a russian counter artillery…
Welcome back to kharkiv.
You can see behind me, this building was —— less than 24 hours ago,
yesterday afternoon, this building was struck.
Today we are heading to recently liberated villages, villages that were
have been occupied by russians until very recently,
they’ve been liberated by the ukrainian ——.
So, we’re gonna go there, try and meet some people
and hear what it was like under the russian occupation.
It’s quite insane, you can see here, across there, the bottom of that building there,
that shop —— yesterday.
There’s a park, a theme park just over there, also ——.
And this morning we woke up to heavy —— as well.
You can just hear in the distance —— after —— for an hour straight,
stopped now, but you never know when it can come.
So, we’re going to jump in the car now, drive.
Not sure if we’re gonna be able to get access, but we’re gonna try.
This road here, this morning there were
heavy —— convoys down here,
three huge —— vehicles coming down here, heading towards that direction.
There are still quite a few residents around, a lot of them are living underground,
some of them are living in their houses, it really just depends,
but about half the city is currently evacuated,
have fled because of the ——, so yeah, the streets are very quiet,
not many people around at all, it’s kind of like a ghost town in areas.
So, unfortunately, the first liberated town we tried to get to,
we hit a roadblock and the —— turned us back,
they said it wasn’t possible to go.
Pretty crazy driving along the roads, lots of blown out cars and things,
and some of them are quite fresh, our driver was saying…
Is that a —— just in?
Yeah, and in the last week or so the ukrainian —— have made real strides
and pushing the russians out of towns and kharkiv that they occupied
and in a number of different directions,
but it seems to be up to the individual —— unit where they are,
if they want to let you through or not, so this one said no,
we’re gonna try it in another direction and see if they say yes.
Ok, let’s go.
– Hello guys. – Hey, how are you?
– Things are getting worse or better for you? – Many houses broken.
Russian forces —— ——, don’t go.
– Don’t go that way? – Yes.
– And how’s your house? – One ——.
– Your house got hit? – Yes.
Are you going to stay here, or you’re going to leave?
Since 24 of february, we’re here.
– You have never left? – Never leave.
Will you go or you always stay?
– Always stay. – No matter what happens?
No place to go.
– We live here. – Good luck.
– What’s your name? – Sergey.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
The shelling seems to have picked up from the last like 10 minutes, yeah?
Yeah, more or less, maybe it’s just where we are,
or maybe this particular area just comes under a lot of ——,
but yeah, we basically just hear it all around us.
So, we’ve just met a nice man here on the road,
and you said you were recently really close to a shelling?
A car was just driving down the road and the driver was unlucky,
it hit the car in motion.
My friend and I were walking very close to it, we fell to the ground.
The moment we hit the ground, their —— started to hit.
About five —— hit the ground next to us,
the closest one was about 10, 15 meters away.
The closest one hit, we lay down for a bit
and the second one was 15, 20 meters from us.
The third one, we found one crater about 30 meters from us,
but we didn’t find the other two, they were behind a fence.
So, what’s happening here?
So, you’re saying that these elderly residents
are struggling to access their pension?
They come, we give it to those who are here,
many have gone abroad or to safer places in ukraine,
so they receive the pensions where they are,
here we give out pensions to those who have stayed.
This is very ——, it’s my opinion, I don’t know, maybe…
I think it’s not occupied but surrounded, as far as I know.
So, we’ve been driving through these completely deserted and abandoned villages,
the only people you see are soldiers,
and the soldiers were equipped with pretty heavy ——,
we’ve seen them with —— launchers, with heavy machine ——,
so this is clearly somewhere where fighting has been going on very recently.
So we’re going to one of the villages that was very, very recently liberated,
it’s called slatyne it was liberated in the last couple of days,
there are no russian troops now, they’ve been kicked well out of lines,
but we will be within pretty close range of russian artillery
and if they want, they can —— us with a moments notice, really.
This lady up here even had a —— in her backyard yesterday,
so this is still very much on the front-line.
We hear some —— and things every so often.
The roads to get here, so many roadblocks.
You’re kind of going on these backstreets.
Lots of —— checkpoints,
getting our passports and credentials checked, and everything
by —— multiple times.
Ok, so we’re here with my driver, sergey and a local resident, anya.
– Anya. – Ok.
And did you say that a shell landed in your backyard yesterday?
Yes, and there’s my house.
This one’s the house.
And so, yesterday you were inside the house when the shell landed?
Yes, she was.
And would you mind just describing the feeling and the noise and everything?
Of course, she was very scared at this moment.
It’s like a dizzy had.
I haven’t slept that night after this.
She has a sister, sick sister, she’s not moving, she cannot move.
In this village?
In this house.
Is it possible to see where the shell landed in the backyard?
This is the hole, but this is not big, you know, this is just…
So, anya is just showing us her freshly planted potatoes
that she had to redo because of the ——.
So what’s quite interesting here, tom,
is that people are still living their lives, right?
They’re still like maintaining their land,
even though there’s literally —— landing like right next to them,
like yesterday and probably today or the next day, who knows.
Yeah, I mean one of the women was complaining, she was like, yeah,
a —— landed in my backyard, and it blew up all my potatoes
that I’ve been planting for the last few days,
but don’t worry, I’ve replanted them all.
And then she took us to show us that she’s been replanting.
She took to her backyard like look, they’re all ready
but it will take a bit longer.
It’s very surreal, because they say that, you know,
this is one of the last unoccupied parts in this sort of region,
even though the ukrainian troops have been pushing further back,
but people are just very calm, and relaxed,
and carrying on their lives like almost nothing is happening.
Ok, so natalie, anya came out after we visited her house, right,
and she gave us some lovely flowers.
She did, she gave me some beautiful daffodils,
I think there were cut fresh from her garden,
and I got a beautiful chocolate from the gentleman.
You know what I want? I want peace.
I want them to shake hands. We are not enemies, we are slavs.
No one ever knew that something like this would happen.
We are not enemies, we are the same people.
No one expected that the russians would attack ukrainians.
We are the same people, belorussians, russians, ukrainians, same people, slavs.
Why did the government do it, who knows.
I want it all to end soon, I want peace.
I want peace.
So, we’ve come back into the city center of kharkiv here,
and you just see so much destruction of these beautiful historical buildings.
So much damage around the city, it’s gonna be such a big job to clean all this up.
But what is beautiful is that, you know, there’s been people
coming and do fresh road markings with the paint,
people are doing the gardens and things and cleaning the streets,
so I think it’s really beautiful because keep in mind this city is still being ——.
There were —— yesterday and the next day people come out and clean,
and you know, the supermarkets are running,
we just went to a nice restaurant and had some lunch, a nice modern restaurant.
Just look at this building,
a beautiful historical building here, just torn to shreds.
So, this is actually an adidas shop, so there’s still shoes in here,
and you can see the mannequins,
it’s flooded in things, but you can see, it’s just…
See the adidas.ue and the coat hangers.
There are still some shoes over there.
Here’s the computers, the cash where you bring your goods and buy things.
It’s been amazing to see kharkiv because although I have traveled lots of ukraine,
in the past before this invasion, I’d never been to this part of ukraine,
and I’m pleasantly surprised, obviously, I’m not seeing everything,
but, you know, there’s lots of nice modern parks and things
and things for families to do, and the streets are really nicely decorated,
and obviously, they’ve got all the modern shops,
and beautiful kind of modern cafes and restaurants and things,
and it’s just so sad to see it torn apart,
but I know how strong the people are here,
and they’ll bring it back to its former glory, if not stronger,
because it’s going to have such a beautiful story of resilience and strength.
So, we’ve come into another metro station,
and if you didn’t see the other video I did here in kharkiv,
people have set up shelter, the lady we just walked past is cooking pasta down here,
so people are living here because of fear of the —— above in the city.
And people actually live inside the carriages.
– Hello, how are you? – Hello. I’m fine.
– This is my house. – This is your house?
– Yes, this is my house. – What was your name, sorry?
– My name is vlod. – Vlod, nick.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
This is my house, and this is my cat and my workstation.
How long have you been living here for?
Since 24 of february.
You came as soon as the —— started?
– Well, so a couple of months now. – Since 24 of february this is my house
where did you used to live?
What part of the city before?
– A new house. – In a new house?
Yeah, in a new house.
– Is your house ok or is it broken? – Yes, my house is ok,
but destroyed my school, destroyed my little school.
How long do you think that you will stay here for?
Ok, so you just stay here and help everybody.
– Yeah, I’m a volunteer now. – Beautiful.
– Is that wi-fi? – Bad wi-fi, good internet.
You have a modem here?
This is my friend, I’m helping my friend ——.
This is my mother and this is my friend, family friend.
Did you expect before the 24th of february that this could ever happen?
No, no, no, no, no, no, never.
– Crazy. – This is very crazy, it’s very crazy,
my friend and…
Very bad, I don’t like ——, I don’t like conflict.
Anything else that you would like to say to the world?
I want to tell the world that putin is the devil,
he belongs to immediate destruction,
otherwise the whole world would be at —— for a very long time.
Thank you very much for your time, appreciate it, and you know, I know…
– This is lucia, my cat. – Your cat?
Yes, this is my cat.
– What’s your cat’s name? – Lucia.
– Ok, another cat. – Yeah.
– Is this where you sleep? – Yes, this where I sleep,
– your bed? – Yes, this is my bedroom.
– So, this is your mother’s bedroom? – Yes, this is my mother bedroom.
– And is this your family over here? – No, this is friend.
– Friends? – Yes, friends.
And is it nice to have your friends and family close to you in this hard time?
We made friends with these people.
Oh, you met them here, and yes, you’re glad to have friends.
So, you’ve made friends inside, that’s lovely, beautiful.
– Your mother? – Yes, this is my mother.
– Nice to meet you. – My mother is reporter.
– Yes, journalist. – I am the cameraman.
Beautiful, amazing.
Well, I won’t take too much more of your time.
– Thank you very much. – Good luck.
He’s feeling ——.
The cat is scared, ok, and so the cat knows when the —— going to happen?
What does the cat do when a —— is coming? Does it act differently?
Meow, meow.
What do you eat here? What do you eat?
This is for tonight?
And sausage.
Sausage, meat.
And how do you cook that?
Oh, this is your bathroom, right?
– I wish you good luck. – Good luck.
Thank you very much. Take care, bye.
– Thank you. – Look after yourself.
Ok, so we’ve come back to the apartment.
There’s actually —— going on in the distance, we can still hear it.
Since I’ve been here, it’s been everyday.
You know, it’s scary enough for me coming for a little while,
but you know, there’s people living here and there’s people living in the metro station.
After we did that interview on the metro station,
the mother actually came up to me very upset,
explaining what it’s like to live down there.
It’s not fun, it’s horrible, you get sick a lot,
everybody’s always getting sick because it’s so damp
and living inside the railway carts, the metro trains
got this damp smell, definitely not healthy,
and you know, they say that they’re always just on pharmaceutical drugs
to try and heal them from their sicknesses.
Yesterday, the boy that we interviewed, his best friend went to the front-line yesterday
and he was looking really sad.
The mother was crying, she said,
I used to drop them off at kindergarten, and now I’m dropping them off at the front lines.
Thought they were very powerful words,
there’s more —— in the distance, you can hear it now.
So, as I have been doing in these ukrainian videos,
I will be leaving a link underneath this video
where you can donate to help victims, people on the front-line,
people that need humanitarian aid,
covers the wide spectrum,
if you want to learn more about it, it will be under the same link with information
where your money goes and things, so feel free if you want to chip in,
does help a lot obviously, you can see this country’s in dire need.
Going near the front-line today that was insane, and you know,
there’s still people living there, and red cross who I’m fund-raising for
do take humanitarian aid right out to the front lines to people that are trapped in villages.
Anyway, I’ll see you in the next video from more from ukraine,
and thank you so much for watching and in case I don’t see you,
good afternoon, good evening and good night.
– Will you go or you always stay? – Always stay.
No matter what happens?
No place to go.
– We live here. – Good luck.
– What’s your name? – Sergey.
Nice to meet you.