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Russia Ukraine conflict: Kyiv under siege as troops close on capital

Air Until 12 O’clock Today With A
Specially Extended News Program The
Russian Noose Around The Ukrainian
Capital Is Being Tightened This Morning
There Are Reports Of Sporadic Fighting
Between Them The Russian Troops And
Ukrainian Forces In Various Parts Of The
City As Civilians Continue To Flee On
Mass We Came Across A Large Number Of
Ukrainian Soldiers This Morning Manning
Checkpoints Larger Than Yesterday I
Should Say They Were All Twitchy They
Are Worried About Russian Infiltrators
Speaking From An Unknown Location In The
City Ukraine’s President Zielinski Was
Defined For His People Angry With The
Rest West Rather For Not Delivering On
Sanctions And Thus Open For The First
Time To Talk About The Neutral Status Of
Ukraine Outside Nato Moscow Is Sticking
To Its Line
In Accordance With Obligations To Our
Allies President Putin Decided To
Conduct A Special Military Operation To
Demilitarize And Deny Fire Ukraine So
That Freed From This Oppression
Ukrainians Themselves Could Freely
Determine Their Future
My Family Is Also In Ukraine My Children
Remain In Ukraine And Ukraine’s
President Vladimir Zelinski Appealed
Directly To World Leaders To Do More
Warning That If They Fail Tomorrow The
War Will Knock On Your Door
President Biden Has Called An Urgent
Meeting Of Nato Later Today To Discuss
Further Action With The West Under
Pressure To Cut Russia Off From The Key
Global Finance System Swift
Good Afternoon Then From Kiev A City
Which Is Truly Under Siege Russian
Forces Are Rapidly Closing In With
Reports Of Tanks And Troops In A Suburb
Just A Few Miles Away Ukraine Has Been
Bombarded By Russian Airstrikes On
Cities And Military Bases For The Second
Day There Have Been Hundreds Of
Casualties Including Civilians Ukraine’s
President Has Urged His Countrymen To
Resist And Has Called On Moscow To
Declare A Ceasefire
At The Center The Ukrainian Capital The
Seat Of The Country’s Democratic
Government People Have Been Talking
Taking Shelter In Underground Stations
And Basements
Just Over Half A Mile Is Away Is The
Independent Square Also Known As Maidan
Which In 2014 Saw Such Violent Protests
Against The Pro-Russian Government Then
Running Ukraine
And This Morning Less Than 10 Miles
North Of The City Center Video Has
Emerged From The Obelonsky District Of
What’s Believed To Be Russian Armored
Vehicles In The Streets
Jonathan Rugman Sums It All Up
This Was Ukraine’s Northeastern Border
Last Night And Though It Was Unclear Who
Was Bombarding Whom It Seems That
Russia’s Advance Has Not Been Without A
On The Outskirts Of Kharkiv You Can See
Destroyed Russian Military Vehicles
Western Intelligence Suggests Some
Russian Troops Have Deserted And That
Over 400 Have Been Killed
The Ukrainians Say A Downed Russian
Aircraft Hit This Apartment Block On The
Outskirts Of Kiev
Eight People Were Hurt But Remarkably
Nobody Was Killed
Ukrainians Are Now Taking Photographs
But Some Hundred Thousand Of Their
Countrymen Are Believed To Have Fled In
The Wake Of Russia’s Advance
Much Of The Capital Seems Deserted With
Russian Tanks Reported To Be Within 20
Miles Of It And Ukraine’s President
Claims Russian Special Forces Have
Already Arrived With The Aim Of Taking
My Family Is Also In Ukraine My Children
Remain In Ukraine
My Family Are Not Traitors They Are
Citizens Of Ukraine Where Exactly They
Are I Have No Right To Say According To
The Information We Have The Enemy Has
Marked Me As Target Number One My Family
Is Target Number Two They Want To Damage
Ukraine Politically By Destroying The
Head Of State
Audio Has Emerged Which Seems To Show A
Russian Warship Ordering Ukrainian
Border Guards To Surrender On An Island
In The Black Sea
They Radioed Back Their Blunt Refusal
And President Zielenski Says All 13 Of
Them Were Then Killed In A Subsequent
In Moscow Russia’s Foreign Minister
Doubled Down On Justification For This
Invasion Telling The Leaders Of Two
Breakaway Parts Of Ukraine That Their
Pleas For Intervention Could Not Be
In Accordance With Obligations To Our
Allies President Putin Decided To
Conduct A Special Military Operation To
Demilitarize And Deny Fire Ukraine So
That Freed From This Oppression
Ukrainians Themselves Could Freely
Determine Their Future
This Is What That Freedom Looks Like A
Downed Jet In A Suburb Of Kiev The
Ukrainians Say Their Death Toll Is Now
Over A Hundred With Their President
Denouncing Western Sanctions As Too
Little Too Late
Ukrainians Have Been Sheltering
Underground In The Capital Forced From
Their Homes By Explosions And Many
Fearing Their City Is About To Fall
I Came With My Parents And Children Says
This Woman Unfortunately My Husband And
My Brother Said They Didn’t Want To Come
And They Stayed At Home
Thousands Of Others Have Fled To Poland
Many Here Packing Small Suitcases In The
Middle Of The Night Though There’s Now
An Official Ban On Men Aged 18 To 60
From Leaving Though Nothing May Now Save
Their Capital From Whatever The Russians
Do Next
Jonathan Rugman Reporting Well Joining
Me Now Also From Keeve Is The Ukrainian
Mp Lesia Vasilenko Let’s Say It’s Good
To Speak To You Again Under These Very
Difficult Circumstances
You Heard What We Just Said There You
Heard What Your President Said About
Possibly Talking Neutrality With The
Do You Back That Call That
Conversation Um Again I Don’t Believe
Our President Said About Uh
Full Neutrality With The Russians I Mean
The Russians
Have To Back Out And Back Off From
We Cannot Uh
In The Sense That You’re Saying Now It
Seems Like As If Ukraine Is To Go And
Become A Military Neutral Country Uh No
That That’s That’s Impossible But In
Order I Think In Order To Negotiate
Anything With Putin And To Come To Any
Kind Of Agreement With Him Uh You Would
Have To Be Crazy We’ve Been Negotiating
For Eight Years And This Is What We Have
Now On The Streets Of Kiev
The Reason Why I’m Exploring This Is
Because It Struck Me And Correct Me If
I’m Wrong That The President Your
President Is Talking About The
Possibility Of Neutrality And Those
Talks With Moscow Because He Feels
Abandoned By The West
Look Uh There’s Definitely The Feeling
Of Abandonment Uh By The West Uh In In
All Ukrainians In Fact Uh We Know Well
Enough And We Were Sort Of Preparing For
It Uh That We Would Be Facing Um The
Aggressor On Our Own Uh
In Our Own Country On Our Own Land Uh
But At The Same Time Uh What The
President Was Saying And What All The
Ukrainian People Are Saying Is That Uh
Really The West Should Have And Could
Still Do More Uh Because At The Moment
It’s Like Ukraine Is Getting Trashed To
Pieces Torn Apart We Have Russian Armies
Moving In In All Directions Uh And The
West Is Just Sort Of Standing By Looking
On Like Saying Oh Maybe It’s Time To Do
Sanctions Maybe Not Oh If We Switch Off
Russia From The Swift It’s Going To
Complicate Things All This So That Come
On People
This Is A Country Of 44 Million People
I’m Speaking Now Not Just As A Member Of
Parliament But I’m Speaking As A Mother
Of Three Children As A Wife As A
Daughter And Uh I’m Telling You Uh
What We Are Facing Is Bigger Than
Anything That Europe Has Seen Since
World War Ii
I Mean The Extraordinary Thing Here Is
That They Were Talking About Cutting
Russia Off From Swift Weeks Ago They
Were Talking About Personal Sanctions
Against President Putin Weeks Ago And
Yet Today We Know That The Germans The
Italians And The French Have Blocked All
These Moves
In The Eu And The Cypriots By The Way A
Lot Of Russian Money In Cyprus
Why Do You Think They’re Doing This
When The Invasion Is Already Underway
Yeah So Sorry I Just Interrupted That
For A Bit Uh I Understand Your Question
Really Well Because It’s Like Why Why
Don’t Why Don’t You Contact Russia From
The Swift
Uh Well Why Don’t You Because Uh To Cut
Off Russia From The Swift Also Means Uh
To Stop Buying Oil And Gas From Russia
And All The Energy Resources From Russia
And I’m Sorry But If You’re
Like To Stop Being A Hypocrite For A
Second There Please Because Claiming In
2019 And All Throughout 2020 How Uh The
Whole Of Europe Will Decarbonize By 2050
We Will All Go Carbon Neutral European
Green Deal And All That And Still To Be
Buying Russian Oil And Russian Gas And
Russia Fossil Fuel Resources And Uh
That’s That’s Not Good And That’s Not
Okay That’s Not Fair That’s Not Just And
That’s Not The Truth That
The European Politicians Are Saying To
Their People And The Reason I Say About
This Is Because The Swift System Is
Primarily Used To Pay For Russian Fossil
Fuels And To Pay For Russian Commodities
Uh That Are Bought By European Markets
So To Cut Off Russia From The Swift Why
Ukrainians Want To Cut Off Russia From
The Swift So Much Because That Will
Leave Russia In Isolation Without The
Markets And Russia Knows Very Well And
That’s Why They Say In All Their
Negotiations Yeah Go On Cut Us Off From
The Swift See What What Comes Out Of
This So Uh My Appeal To Everyone Uh
Who’s A Decision Maker In Europe And The
Us And The World Is Uh To Actually Face
The Truth That We Have A Major Aggressor
In The World At The Moment Who Is
Blackmailing Everyone And Playing
Uh Please Choose Your Priorities And
Choose Your Principles You Are For Lives
For Saving Lives And Democracy Or You
Are From Money And Commodities
Okay Finally And Briefly Let’s Say If I
May What Are You Telling Your Kids About
This I Don’t Know How Old There But What
Are You Saying To Them Right Now
My Oldest Is Eight Uh And Then That’s My
Son And Then I Have Two Girls One Is Six
And One Is Nine Months Uh She’s Turning
Nine Months Uh On Wednesday
What Do I Tell Them Uh
My Biggest Challenge Is To Keep Calm And
Have A Smiling Face
When I Approach Them And When I Talk To
Them About Whatever Uh We’re Going
Through And Whatever Can Happen
And I Think That Is The Biggest
Challenge For All Ukrainian Mothers Out
I Can Imagine Leslie Vasilenko Good Luck
To You To You And Your Family Thank You
Very Much Again
For Speaking To Us And Keep In Touch
Well There Are Reports Of Russian Troops
Uh Meeting Stiff Resistance Here And
There While Ukraine’s Defense Ministry
Has Called On All Citizens To Join The
Armed Forces Saying There Is Now No Age
Limit No Age Limit On Joining Up Men
Have Now Been Banned From Leaving The
Country Under Ukraine’s Mobilization
Laws Our International Editor Lindsey
Hillson Is In Nepal Lindsey
Matt Here In Tenepro People Are Worried
That They Are Next What You Are
Experiencing In Kiev Now Is What They’re
Going To Have Soon I Think You Can See
Behind Me Shop Has Been Boarded Up This
Morning We Went To A Recruitment Center
Where We Met Some Of Those Men You Were
Just Talking About They Were All Sorts
Of Different Kinds Of Guys One Was A
Government Officer One Was Somebody Who
Worked In I.T Who I Was Chatting To But
They Were Very They Were Very Serious I
Would Say Even Though They’re Older Than
You Would Expect For Joining The
Military One Was 46 I Saw One Guy Who
Looked Like He Was Over 60 Which Is
Supposed To Be The The Cut-Off Age But
They Were Very Clear And One Of Them
Said To Me I Want To Kill Russians
And I Said Well How Are You Going To Do
That I Mean We’re Talking About Missiles
He Said Yes We Can’t Do Anything About
The Missiles But If They Actually Come
And Try And Seize This Town His Town
Then There Will Be Fighting In The
Streets And That They Say Is The Moment
When They Will Come Into Their Own Now
Some Of This You Might Say Is Heroics
But You Know There Is As You Would
Expect When Your Country Is Invaded A
Massive Surge Of Patriotism And A
Massive Surge Of Anger About What Is
Going On That This Is A Sovereign
Democratic Country That’s Being Invaded
By Russia The Other Thing Which Was
Really Interesting Is That President
Putin Yesterday Was Talking About
Denarcification Why Does He Say That
Because Ukraine Was Occupied By The
Nazis In The Second Part Of World War Ii
We Met Two Jewish Guys At The
Recruitment Center A Father And A Son
They Think We’re Nazis He Said We Think
He Thinks That President Zielinski Who’s
Also A Jew A Russian Speaking Jew Is A
Nazi He’s Crazy They Said And They Said
We’re Going To Fight
Lindsay Thank You Very Much Need Stay
Safe Let’s Go To Jack In The Studio
Jackie Well President Biden Has Called
An Urgent Summit Of Nato Leaders Later
To Discuss The Next Steps Britain Has
Thrown Its Weight Behind Moves To Cut
Russia Off From The Global Banking
System Swift While The Kremlin Says
President Putin Will Meet The U.N
Security Council Today And Warned That
Moscow Would Impose Its Own Retaliatory
Sanctions On The West Here’s Jane Death
The Chant Went Up On The Streets Of
Europe’s Cities Last Night From Budapest
To Paris
To Portugal This Was Lisbon
As They Protested Against The Russian
Leaders Invasion Of Ukraine In Brussels
The European Union’s Leaders Were An
Emergency Summit What Would They Do To
Try To Put Putin Off His Stride The
European Union Stands United
Tonight European Leaders Were Fully
Aligned In Condemning The Atrocious And
Unprovoked Attacks
Now We Have To Meet The Moment
We Will Hold The Kremlin Accountable
Ursula Vonderline The President Of The
European Commission Announced A Second
Swathe Of Sanctions Meant To Up The Ante
Against Russia They Include A Ban On The
Export Of Equipment It Needs For Its Oil
Refineries This Package Includes
Financial Sanctions
That Cut Russia’s Access To The Most
Important Capital Markets
We’re Now Targeting 70 Percent Of The
Russian Banking Market
But Also Key State-Owned Companies
Including The Field Of Defense
And These Sanctions Will Increase
Russia’s Borrowing Costs
Raise Inflation And Gradually Erode
Russia’s Industrial Base
But Ukraine Had Begged The West To Go
Much Further To Cut Russia Off From The
Global Money Messaging System Swift By
Which Banks Can Move Funds Quickly
Across Borders
Denying Russia Access Would Make It
Harder For It To Get Paid For Its Oil
And Gas Exports The Uk Defense Secretary
Ben Wallace Wants Swift Turned Off For
Russia Well The Uk Led In Europe On
Lethal Aid Defensive Lethal Aid For
Ukrainians We Continue To Do Everything
We Can To Support Them Uh We Not Only
With Trying To Be Sort Of Leading On
Sanctions And Trying To Get Other
Countries To Support Us And Getting
Russia Out Of The Swiss System But Also
Making Sure That We Do Everything We Can
To Equip Them To Protect Themselves But
The Uk Has An Uphill Battle Persuading
Some Nations Including Germany That
Banning Russia From Swift Will Work
They Believe It Will Hurt Their Own
Trade While Russia Will Simply Find A
Although The German Chancellor Olaf
Schultz Appeared To Concede Sanctions
Haven’t Stopped Russia
In Addition To The Sanctions We’ve Also
Continuously Tried To Use Diplomatic
Means To Dissuade Putin From This Wrong
This Didn’t Work And He Has Now Opted To
Take A War To Ukraine But He Will Not
Win This War Because The Citizens Of
Europe Want Peace In The Rule Of Law And
Democracy And The Citizens Of Ukraine
Have Shown This Clearly And
Germany Thinks Pulling The Swift Lever
Should Be Held In Reserve For Now As
Part Of A Future Third Tranche Of
Sanctions And President Biden Says
Targeting Russian Banks Directly Will
Cause Putin More Pain
The Kremlin’s Replied Any Problems The
Sanctions Cause Can Be Resolved
Even As The Invasion Unfolds There Is
Talk Of Talks Ukraine Said It Wants
Peace And Is Ready To Speak To The
Kremlin Moscow Has Welcomed That But
Said Its Expectations Of Kiev Remain
Jane D There Well Earlier I Spoke To The
Eu Ambassador To The Uk Juel Val Del
Meda And Started By Asking If He Feared
The Eu And The West Is Impotent In The
Face Of Russian Aggression
Well First Of All I I Feel That I Owe A
Word Of Solidarity With Our Ukrainian
Friends They Have Been The Victims Of An
Unprovoked Unjustified Unlawful
Aggression By The Russian
Leadership In The Russian Regime And
This Is The First Word That Comes To
Mind And Our Thoughts Are With Our
Ukrainian Friends In These Very
Difficult Moments
But We Need To Act And We Are Acting
With With Great Resolve
Not Only As The European Union But
Together With Partners Like The United
Kingdom Or The United States Or Canada
Australia Japan And Beyond There’s A
Coordinated Effort To Send A Very Clear
Message To The Russian Leadership
This Cannot
Go On Most Importantly We Are Acting On
The Economic Front And We Just Adopted
An Unprecedented A Package Of Sanctions
You Talk About An Unprecedented Package
Of Sanctions You Talk About Great
Yet Here We Are Russian Missiles Raining
Down On Ukraine People Dying Fleeing
Their Homes The Very Real Prospect Of A
European Capital Falling To Aggressors
Within Days If Not Hours
This Is A Dark Hour For Europe
Uh Clearly So
But Let Me Be Very Clear This Is The
Sole Responsibility Of The Russian
Leadership Yes But As You Say You Have
To Act You Say This Is A Show Of
And Yet Look At What Is Happening On The
Ground It Is A Show And A Very Clear
Message That
We Are Determined
To Exercise Pressure
Unprecedented Pressure On The Russian
Regime We Adopted A
A Package Of Sanctions Which Is
Again Unprecedented I’ve Never Seen This
In My Already Long Life As A European
Diplomat We’re Attacking Five Sectors
Key Sectors We Are Hitting And Hurting
The Heart
Of The Russian Regime
We Will Not Implement
One Of The Key Sanctions The Ukrainians
Are Asking For Which Is To Remove Russia
From The Swift Banking System I Don’t
Think We Should Focus Excessively On A
Single Message
If You Look At What We Have Done On The
Financial Side Of This Package Which Is
A Very Important Element Of It We Are
Attacking And
Impacting Upon
Of The Russian Banking System We Are
Actually Preventing Them From Accessing
To Uh Financial
Means To Support The War Efforts To
Interrupt You But
You Say Let’s Not Focus On This One
Measure Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Is
Literally Begging You To Do This In
Really Desperate Terms You Know That He
Has Said
Those Who Refuse To Do This Will Have
The Blood Of Ukrainians On Their Hands I
Think We Should Look At The Entirety Of
Our Of Our Package Touching On Key
Sectors Of The
Of The Russian Economy And Key Sectors
For The Russian Regime
Energy Finance Technology
Visas Transport
Five Key Sectors But Yet You Know You
Will Have Heard The Ukrainian President
This Morning We Are Defending Our State
And The World’s Most Powerful Forces Are
Watching Us From Afar I Wonder When You
Hear That Do You Feel A Tinge Of
Shame Or Embarrassment
I Feel A Strong
Sense Of Condemnation Of The Action Of
The Russian Regime And That’s Where We
Should Focus Our Attention Within The G7
Between The Eu And Nato With Our
Transatlantic And Asian Partners And Now
At The United Nations And I’d Like To
Appeal To All The Nations To Concentrate
Their Efforts In Sending A Very United
And A Very Strong Message To Say This
Needs To Stop Do You Think It Will Be
Enough To Stop Russian Tanks Rolling
Into Key We Have To Do Everything We Can
On Our Side At The Same Time We Need To
Be Very Clear About Who Is To Blame For
This Situation And We Are Not Blaming
The Russian People We Are Blaming The
Russian Leadership Ambassador Thank You
Very Much For Talking To Us Today Thank
You For Hosting Me
Well Joining Me Now Is The Former Prime
Minister Of Finland Alexander Stubb
Thank You Very Much For Coming Back On
Our Program Again Mr Stubb I Just Want
To Um
Put This To You The Ukrainian President
Feeling Very
High And Dry Left By The West And
Obviously You Know The Russian Troops
Encroaching On His Capital And Possibly
On Him Personally Is Saying And Said
Just Now Actually In Russian That He’s
Prepared To Talk About Neutrality With
Moscow We’ve Just Had That Confirmed As
Someone Who Ran A Neutral Country
Finland Would You Advise Him To Go Down
That Road
Well Perhaps A Little Correction Finland
Is Not A Neutral Country And We Haven’t
Been Since The Cold War
We Don’t Belong To A Military Alliance
But We Chose Our Football Team When We
Joined The European Union On The 1st Of
January 1995 And
Are Very In A Deep Cooperation With Nato
And More Nato Compatible Than Many Nato
I Would Advise The President To Have
Talks But I Would Advise Him Obviously
Neutrality The Situation Is Very
Different And It’s Not That Dissimilar
To What I Was Involved With In 2008
Negotiating Peace In Georgia When Russia
Invaded Uh Abhasia And South Ossetia
What I Like About The Ukrainian
President Is That He Seems Very Calm
Cool Collected And Stable In This
Extremely Difficult Situation So I Would
Advise For Talks But I Would Stay Clear
From Neutrality
The Reason Why People Here Think He Said
What He Said Today
Especially In Russian To The Russians Is
That He Feels Left High And Dry By The
West Does He Have A Point
Yes And No I Think We Have To Look At
This From Two Perspectives One Is The
War On The Ground And There I Must Say
That It Is Of Course With Deep Sadness
Fear As Well That I Watch The Russian
Troops Advancing And The Ukrainian
Troops Fighting Back The Second Track Is
Actually The One That Was Discussed In
The Previous Snippet There The The
Sanctions Uh They Are Not Going To Solve
Everything Uh But They Are I Think Quite
Far-Reaching As We Stand The Thing Is
That Ukraine Is Not A Member Of The
European Union Ukraine Is Not
Unfortunately A Member Of Nato And
Therefore Being Left Alone
Is An Unfortunate And Relative Reality
At This Particular Moment
When You Put It Like That It Sounds
Pretty Harsh But It Also Brings True
Do You Though Agree With The Eu
Ambassador In London Who We Heard Just
Now Being Interviewed By Jackie That
Enough Has Been Done That This Is Not
All About Swift Because Here They Are
Absolutely Furious
That The European Union Has Not Taken
These Steps
Well I Was Listening To The Conversation
There Earlier And Let Me Be Clear From
My Experience
This Is So Far The Swiftest
And Actually The Most Far-Reaching
Sanctions Package That I’ve Seen And You
Have To Understand That It Happens In
Three Waves So Wave Number One Was When
Russia Recognized Uh
Donbass The The Region Wave Number Two
Came Yesterday And Wave Number Three
Will Come So Swift Will Be On It Do Not
Worry About It But What The European
Union Wants To Do Is Take It In Step By
Step And Get A Clear Legal Basis For
Doing It As Well I Think We’re Moving
Towards A Situation Whereby Russia Will
Be Fully Isolated
Okay But Step By Step Doesn’t Really
Work With A Guy Who’s To Send An
Invasion Force Into An Entire Country
In One Large Step Yesterday
So Should One Be Much More Dramatic In
One’s Measures To Try And
Exert A Degree Of Punishment On The
Russian President
So The Attacks Started A Little Bit Over
24 Hours Ago And We’ve Been Playing
Implemented Already A Second Package
There’s Been A Lot Of Promise About
Different Types Of Military Equipment
And Help Coming Out You Know This Is A
Question Of Hours And Days That’s For
Sure But Rest Assure Uh You Know The
West Is Doing Everything That It
Possibly Can In This Situation The The
Sort Of Counter Question I Mean There’s
A Lot Of Frustration At The Moment And A
Lot Of Sort Of Finger Pointing Let’s
Look At The Facts On The Ground And What
Can Be Done Uh Realistically And I Think
That The United States The United
Kingdom And The European Union Are Doing
Everything That They Possibly Can We’re
Just Entering A New Era I Think Of
International Relations Uh And And This
This Will Take A Few Days I Mean
I’m Sure That The Political Leaders At
The Moment Are Doing Everything That
They Possibly Can
Okay Alexander Stubb Have To Leave It
There Thank You Very Much Indeed Uh As
You Say This Will Take A Few Days But A
Few Days Or Perhaps Hours Is All They
Have Left
In This City Which At The Moment Has Got
A Russian Noose Around It As The Troops
Are Encroaching On The Capital On The
Sea To Power On The Parliament And Other
Presidential Palace Eventually That Is
What You’re Dealing With An Act Of
International Geopolitical Blackmail
With Vladimir Putin In Moscow And The
Russians Are The Ukrainians Here That’s
It Channel 4 News From Ikea Thank You
Very Much Indeed