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US to send Ukraine longer-range rockets in latest aid package

And Germany Have Announced That They’re
To Send New Weapons Systems To Ukraine
Germany Has Today Promised Kyiv An Air
Defense System The Iris T System Which
Chancellor Olaf Schultz Says Will Enable
Ukraine To Defend An Entire City Against
Russian Air Attacks
It Comes After President Biden Confirmed
That The U.S Is To Provide More Advanced
Rocket Systems Something The Ukrainians
Have Long Been Requesting Mr Biden Said
They Would Enable Ukraine To Strike
Russian Targets More Precisely
Well A Russian Airstrike In The Last 24
Hours Hit A Chemical Plant In The
Eastern City Of Severo Donetsk Releasing
A Cloud Of Dangerous Gas Residents Have
Been Told To Stay In Bomb Shelters To
Avoid The Fumes
Both Sides Are Suffering Heavy
Casualties Here And The Ukrainian
Command May Decide On A Tactical Retreat
Russia Now Occupies Almost All Of
Luhansk As It Focuses On Seizing It And
Neighboring Donetsk Tim Ullman Reports
Ever Since Russia Invaded Ukraine Has
Desperately Wanted Help
The United States Has Been Among Those
Offering Support Donating Billions Of
Dollars In Diplomatic Civilian And
Military Aid
Now Washington Has Gone One Step Further
Writing In The New York Times President
Biden Said We Have Moved Quickly To Send
Ukraine A Significant Amount Of Weaponry
And Ammunition So It Can Fight On The
Battlefield And Be In The Strongest
Possible Position At The Negotiating
The Weaponry Includes The M142 High
Mobility Artillery Rocket System
Missiles That Have A Range Of Around 80
Kilometers Or 50 Miles
U.S Officials Have Been Given Assurances
They Won’t Be Used To Strike Targets
Inside Russia
The Missiles Will Be Welcomed In Kiev
They’ve Been Requesting Them For Some
Time And Their Military Is Losing Ground
In The East
Thick Black Smoke Could Be Seen In The
Skies Above The City Of Seville Donetsk
For Weeks It’s Been A Target For The
Russian Military Now Reports Of A Strike
On A Chemical Plant In A City That’s
Been Almost Completely Destroyed
The Direction Of The Situation In The
Donbass Is Very Complicated
Given The Presence Of Large-Scale